Healthy Bites was founded in 2015 by Crystal Lister with the help and support of her husband and business partner Jeffrey Lister.  

It all started in 2014 when Crystal was not happy with herself and wanted to make a change in her life.  She began to become very involved in both physical fitness and healthy eating.  The results were amazing she lost over 40lbs.  Throughout the process she also found out her passion, which was to help others through good eating and exercising.

When Crystal and Jeff posted pictures of the meals they were preparing they were getting nothing but a positive response from friends and family.  People began asking if they would prepare meals for them.  So Crystal made a few meals for people and like a firestorm more and more people wanted their meals. From there Health Bites Meal Prep was formed.  

Why should you select Healthy Bites?

We all know that meal prep is the new rage these days, everyone is on the go in this fast pace world. Seems like no one has any time to prepare their own food. A lot of people may choose the fast food route, but we all know why that is a terrible chose so no need to get into that. Other local restaurant though their food may be delicious isn’t made with the intention of healthy eating. Healthy Bites covers all those issues, when you choose us its fast, easy, healthy and Simply Delicious!